Hi Tech Hearing Solutions are dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from hearing impairment. We aim to help these people regain and enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We therefore take great pride in helping people regain the gift of hearing. To us there is nothing more rewarding.

Below you can read some of the feedback we receive regarding our services.

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I would thoroughly recommend Hi-Tech Hearing Solutions. I was visited by Stephen just over a year ago and he pointed me in the best direction regarding hearing aids. I had NHS aids but my Phonak ones made life so much easier, connected directly with my mobile phone, so handy. I had a little problem this week, which was my fault, not doing something the right way but Stephen dropped in to explain things and sort it. Couldn’t ask for better service, very grateful for his prompt attention.

Alex Stein

Stephen visited my home and I have to say the knowledge and service provided was fantastic. I had thought about new hearing aids for a while as my NHS version are limited in usefulness. I had visited audiologists but there was always a feeling that they just wanted to make a quick buck. The price of the hearing aids I wanted had put me off but the saving with Hi-Tech was incredible. There was no hard sell or even a hint of pressure from Stephen who just seems like a right good guy. I have the safety net of the 60 day money back guarantee aswell. Thoroughly recommend Stephen and his company.

Michael Murray

I have been wearing hearing aids for fifteen years and dealing with a well known high street supplier. When I needed to update my aids, I was shocked at the price they quoted me and how pushy they were for me to buy the most expensive ones! So I decided to look elsewhere and came across Martin Skiba and Hi-Tech Hearing Solutions. My email inquiry was answered quickly and a home appointment set up for the following week. I was apprehensive but need not have been. Martin is very professional and conducted the hearing test and explained my options with no pressure at all. He told me the aids that he thought would be best for me, not necessarily the most expensive ones. Supplied and fitted them there and then with no obligation to buy if not completely satisfied and they come with a five year guarantee from them. I am delighted with my new hearing aids, I am even more delighted they cost about £1600 LESS than I was quoted from my previous supplier. All in all an excellent service.

Liz Kidd

Hearing aids are a necessity for me as I have profound hearing loss in my right ear and severe loss in my left ear. Martin was excellent from the moment I contacted them providing expert advice on what to expect from my latest aids, which ones would be best for me and all without any sales pressure. The whole process including all the testing has been very relaxed especially as it is conducted at home. He recommended custom ear moulds and these were fitted yesterday. I find them much more comfortable than the domes I had with my previous Oticon opn's. They were just over 5 years old and I am amazed at the improvement in speech understanding. Everything is much clearer. The music program Martin loaded onto my aids is wonderful. Combined with the aids and the ear moulds I am really enjoying streaming music. Compared to my previous ones the music sounds so full, rich and full of bass. I had given up streaming with my previous aids because the sound was so "tinny". The final joy is that the casings are a classy pink, my favourite colour. Even my wife likes the colour. The package I bought was agreed at the outset and having been through this process many times does provide unbelievable value. Thank you Martin!

Tom Howard

Martin tested my mother's hearing at home and then supplied her with new in ear hearing aids. The service given was swift, professional and friendly at all times. I would recommend this company to anyone. Many thanks.

Gordon Raeburn

Hearing Aid UK put me in touch with Martin Skiba of Hi-Tech Hearing Solutions. I was delighted with Martin, who removed my ear wax and confirmed following a hearing test that I required assistance with my hearing. He supplied an excellent hearing aid at a much cheaper price than a well known national High Street audiologist. I would certainly recommend Hi-Tech Hearing Solutions, who provide a professional and efficient service in the comfort of your own home.

John O'Connell

I was put in touch with Stephen Skiba and met up with him at his home with an open mind. Having had hearing aids for around thirty years and having had experience with three different hearing specialists, I knew what I was looking for. I was not long in Stephen's company before I was convinced that here was someone who really knew his job and inspired confidence in me. He not only helped me choose suitable hearing aids for my requirements but he also took the time to discuss how they worked and how to care for them. He drew my attention as well to possible problems or difficulties, pointing out how to avoid them. The whole experience was a very personal one and one that greatly impressed me, surpassing any previous experiences with well known companies. The price of his hearing aids are also very competitive. You will be pleasantly surprised at the difference. The service he provides is 5*. Thank you, Stephen. Highly recommended.

Mary MacDonald

Can’t recommend Stephen enough. The after sales service that my old 95 year Dad has been marvellous. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hearing aids.

Doreen Jones

I am now a user of a pair of Oticon More 1 mini hearing aids after many years of using NHS aids. The service I received from Martin Skiba could not be faulted. Home visit with full hearing test and no hard sell. I’m also getting a shot of a pair of Phonak devices within the 60 day period to compare models. Not a service provided by other audiologists I visited. Not least but very important was the huge saving in the cost of the pair. Don’t buy from the first people you see, shop around and include Hi-Tech Hearing as a potential supplier.

Rodney Tunley

I have been highly satisfied with the service provided by Stephen. Throughout the process he has been very friendly. I felt reassured that he was trying to get the best for me, not pushing me into buying a particular (and more expensive) model. His obvious extensive knowledge and experience gave me the confidence to accept his guidance. Having been to a different audiologist and been shown aids for (a staggering) £5500, Stephen has set me up with a pair which are exactly right, for half that amount. Indeed he persuaded me against the higher priced model. Thank you Stephen!

Patrick Slattery

Stephen has been my 90 year old partner’s audiologist for over a year. He has come to the house and provided an efficient and courteous service each time. The type of hearing aids that he prescribed - Viron 3 miniRITE by Bernafon- have given him the best hearing experience yet. We called it the Christmas miracle as he could hear tv and join in conversations again. It is so useful controlling them more easily from his iPhone. He is extremely grateful to Stephen and to Hi-Tech. Value for money too. We would recommend this firm wholeheartedly.

Margaret Connolly

Steve was absolutely brilliant with my 92 year old mum! Very thorough, very easy and witty manner and two hours spent ensuring everything was correct and understood. Mum very happy! Magnificent! Highly recommended.

Bryan Webster

Stephen has over 25 years experience and it shines through. I called him to discuss options for my elderly mother. And unlike other professional services who at times are standardised in approach and focused often on profits, he took the time to really understand my mum's complex needs and determine the right course of action. He provided professional guidance and advice completely free of charge and to no advantage of his own. A consummate professional, I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Nicola McDade

Had micro-suction to remove ear wax today. Martin is a friendly and professional guy. Recommended.

Leslie Ball

I came across Martin while googling after I had a hearing test in the high street. I never believed my hearing was so bad until I got hearing aids for myself. Martin was brilliant and extremely informative about the products, came to the house, did the test, hearing aids were fitted with no problem whatsoever, was even allowed to change them to rechargeable instead of battery. Very competitive prices and excellent after sales advice, I know I will be in contact with Martin for many years to come, a truly genuine person, feel as though I have made a new friend. Thank you very much to him.

Elspeth Thomson

I've been using hearing aids for just over ten years and didn't realise what I was missing until I met Stephen when he came to my home in the Highlands 18 months ago, I found him online. Over previous years I had got used to multiple adjustments and visits from my previous supplier, so the first thing I said to Stephen was, "You'll be so far away from me, what about coming for adjustments?" His reply was, "If I give you a good hearing test, there'll be no need for adjustments." And he was right. What a difference he has made to my hearing life. The next time I saw Stephen was yesterday, that's eighteen months later. I phoned to say my right hearing aid wasn't working. I phoned him on Monday afternoon and left a message. He called me back 30 minutes later and said, I'll be with you on Wednesday afternoon. He arrived, spent almost two hours here. Sorted out the problem, gave me a full hearing test, adjusted my hearing aids accordingly, left me with a packet of new earbuds, and would not take a penny off me. I cannot speak highly enough of Hi-Tech Hearing, their service, their advice, and to be honest their prices. Stephen's expertise and professionalism is second to none. From 25 miles north of Inverness, I have no hesitation in highly recommending them to anyone. In fact, I'd say you couldn't do better.


My husband, Ed Milne, would wish to note his thanks to Stephen Skiba whose care and professionalism have been exemplary. Stephen really cares about his clients - he goes out of his way to resolve any issues clients may have with the fitting and after-care of their hearing aids.

Janice Milne

I was referred to Stephen by hearingaid.co.uk. As a professional musician and church organist I was becoming increasingly concerned by my hearing loss and the limitations of my NHS hearing aids, worn for 10 plus years. Stephen gave me a very thorough hearing test and prescribed Bernafon hearing aids - a brand with which I was unfamiliar. He went to considerable lengths, including an extra visit to adjust the hearing aids to my satisfaction. The subtleties are becoming apparent daily - the noise reduction is impressive. The high spot, of course, is the direct streaming of sound from television and mobile phone to the hearing aids. Stephen is highly professional, great to communicate with and has endless patience with clients who make challenging demands!

Bob/Giles Mortimer

Hi-Tech Hearing took the extra time helping my dad find a hearing aid that worked perfectly for him after spending time and money on substandard devices with other companies. Very happy with the outcome and will be using your services for many years to come.

Robert Black

Dear Stephen, I've had a stream of visitors and haven't had a chance to write to you. I just want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave me to cope so easily with those marvellous hearing aids. You made the transition from being hard of hearing to "normality" a real pleasure for me. If you and Mrs Skiba are ever visiting Dunoon do call and have a coffee chez-moi. Best wishes

Renée, Dunoon

I'm so pleased to have been referred to Stephen by HearingAid.org. He called me the same day as my initial contact and came to my home to carry out the same tests I'd previously had done in a retail outlet. I found Stephen to be very knowledgeable, informative and helpful in both the interpretation of my test results, and reviewing suitability of different products. One of the great things about going through Stephen is that he's not tied to any particular manufacturer (as are high street chains) so can find the right product for you, not what's going to get the biggest commission. Having been fitted with an NHS aid a few years ago which I wore once, I wear my new Signia aid every day. It is extremely discrete and more importantly, my quality of life has improved significantly in being able to hear so clearly. I even have a tinnitus programme with the sound of lapping sea waves over pebbles - very nice! As an added bonus, I saved almost £1,000 versus buying in a well-known high street chain. Thank you Stephen for your patience, help and great service.

Tina, Edinburgh

My husband has occupational hearing loss from years of working around industrial machinery. It was getting increasingly frustrating trying to communicate with him when he could not hear me and that is when I contacted Hi Tech Hearing Solutions. The audiologist was very good and explained everything in simple terms and it actually turned out that we both needed hearing aids! Our lives have improved dramatically and we can now hear each other clearly.

Janice, Glasgow

Fantastic and life changing sums up what I would like to say. The thrill of being able to hear clearly again after years of not hearing clearly is amazing. Over the years I have worn many different hearing aids but none compare to the new digital aids I now have. The greatest thing of all is that I can now hear in noisy environments. I can join in the conversation at my golf club and can go into a restaurant and actually be part of the conversation at the table. I can also hear the television clearly and don’t have to rely on sub titles and can experience sounds that most people take for granted - I had even forgotten what a lovely voice my wife has! Stephen is very understanding, patient and extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services.

Tom, Edinburgh

Dear Stephen, thank you very much for the Signia hearing aids, they have literally transformed my life. Not only have they improved the quality of my hearing enormously, they are extremely comfortable and discreet. I’d also like to thank you for all your help, perseverance and excellent after care service.

Anne, Fort William

I would happily recommend Stephen Skiba at Hi Tech Hearing Solutions to anyone. He came to my house and tested my hearing and discovered that I required hearing aids. After discussing the various options available to me Stephen then came back and fitted them for me. Two weeks later he then visited me again to ensure I was happy and that everything was working as it should. He provides a professional and personal service which is very rare these days and the difference he has made to my life is remarkable.

George, Hamilton

I recently had to encourage my elderly Mother to have her ears tested and found Hi Tech Hearing Solutions through Google. I therefore contacted them and arranged for their audiologist to come to my Mother’s house. Their service was prompt and Stephen’s interaction with my Mother was very friendly, caring and gentle as she was initially very nervous about it. Stephen gave us very good advice on the type of hearing aids she needed and there was no pushy sales jargon and everything was explained very clearly. The new hearing aids have made an enormous difference to the quality of my Mother’s life along with boosting her confidence. We would definitely recommend Hi Tech Hearing for quality of product, cost and exceptional service.

Kirsty, Aberdeen

I have been a customer of Mr Skiba for many years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and happy to talk through any technical queries or concerns I may have.

James, East Kilbride

I write to thank you. The difference my new Signia hearing aids have made to my life is fantastic. I no longer have to sit in a group and nudge the person next to me to repeat what has been said.

Margaret, Stirling