Hi Tech Hearing Solutions are dedicated to improving the lives of those who suffer from hearing impairment. We aim to help these people regain and enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives. We therefore take great pride in helping people regain the gift of hearing. To us there is nothing more rewarding.

Below you can read some of the feedback we receive regarding our services.

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Dear Stephen, I've had a stream of visitors and haven't had a chance to write to you. I just want to thank you for the wonderful care you gave me to cope so easily with those marvellous hearing aids. You made the transition from being hard of hearing to "normality" a real pleasure for me. If you and Mrs Skiba are ever visiting Dunoon do call and have a coffee chez-moi. Best wishes

Renée, Dunoon

I'm so pleased to have been referred to Stephen by HearingAid.org. He called me the same day as my initial contact and came to my home to carry out the same tests I'd previously had done in a retail outlet. I found Stephen to be very knowledgeable, informative and helpful in both the interpretation of my test results, and reviewing suitability of different products. One of the great things about going through Stephen is that he's not tied to any particular manufacturer (as are high street chains) so can find the right product for you, not what's going to get the biggest commission. Having been fitted with an NHS aid a few years ago which I wore once, I wear my new Siemens aid every day. It is extremely discrete and more importantly, my quality of life has improved significantly in being able to hear so clearly. I even have a tinnitus programme with the sound of lapping sea waves over pebbles - very nice! As an added bonus, I saved almost £1,000 versus buying in a well-known high street chain. Thank you Stephen for your patience, help and great service.

Tina, Edinburgh

My husband has occupational hearing loss from years of working around industrial machinery. It was getting increasingly frustrating trying to communicate with him when he could not hear me and that is when I contacted Hi Tech Hearing Solutions. The audiologist was very good and explained everything in simple terms and it actually turned out that we both needed hearing aids! Our lives have improved dramatically and we can now hear each other clearly.

Janice, Glasgow

Fantastic and life changing sums up what I would like to say. The thrill of being able to hear clearly again after years of not hearing clearly is amazing. Over the years I have worn many different hearing aids but none compare to the new digital aids I now have. The greatest thing of all is that I can now hear in noisy environments. I can join in the conversation at my golf club and can go into a restaurant and actually be part of the conversation at the table. I can also hear the television clearly and don’t have to rely on sub titles and can experience sounds that most people take for granted - I had even forgotten what a lovely voice my wife has! Stephen is very understanding, patient and extremely knowledgeable and I would highly recommend his services.

Tom, Edinburgh

Dear Stephen, thank you very much for the Siemens hearing aids, they have literally transformed my life. Not only have they improved the quality of my hearing enormously, they are extremely comfortable and discreet. I’d also like to thank you for all your help, perseverance and excellent after care service.

Anne, Fort William

I would happily recommend Stephen Skiba at Hi Tech Hearing Solutions to anyone. He came to my house and tested my hearing and discovered that I required hearing aids. After discussing the various options available to me Stephen then came back and fitted them for me. Two weeks later he then visited me again to ensure I was happy and that everything was working as it should. He provides a professional and personal service which is very rare these days and the difference he has made to my life is remarkable.

George, Hamilton

I recently had to encourage my elderly Mother to have her ears tested and found Hi Tech Hearing Solutions through Google. I therefore contacted them and arranged for their audiologist to come to my Mother’s house. Their service was prompt and Stephen’s interaction with my Mother was very friendly, caring and gentle as she was initially very nervous about it. Stephen gave us very good advice on the type of hearing aids she needed and there was no pushy sales jargon and everything was explained very clearly. The new hearing aids have made an enormous difference to the quality of my Mother’s life along with boosting her confidence. We would definitely recommend Hi Tech Hearing for quality of product, cost and exceptional service.

Kirsty, Aberdeen

I have been a customer of Mr Skiba for many years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, professional and happy to talk through any technical queries or concerns I may have.

James, East Kilbride

I write to thank you. The difference my new Siemens hearing aids have made to my life is fantastic. I no longer have to sit in a group and nudge the person next to me to repeat what has been said.

Margaret, Stirling